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Minimizing Damage From Melting Snow in Cartersville, GA
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Minimizing Damage From Melting Snow in Cartersville, GA
ServiceMaster of Cobb has prepared some tips to minimize melting snow damage this winter season in Georgia. Learn more.
Preparing your home for the snowmelt can be a daunting task, but it is necessary to prevent the extensive damage that could result from a huge influx of melted ice and snow. These damages, in turn, could result to expensive repairs and a restoration project. This may need the assistance of a professional damage restoration company, which is an additional expense. There is still some time before the thaw, so you can still perform some simple steps to protect your property. ServiceMaster of Cobb has prepared some tips to minimize melting snow damage this winter season in Georgia and Tennessee

How to Minimize Damage from Snowmelt

  • Perform a roof inspection. This is best done by a licensed roofing company, but you can visually check your roof for any sign of leaks or damages and have them repaired immediately. Even minor roof damage could cause melting snow to seep into your attic or ceiling and lead to water damage.
  • Unclog gutters and downspouts. Melting snow can pool in your gutters and cause attic or ceiling seepage. To prevent this, remove leaves and other trash that are stuck on your gutters and downspouts to prevent clogging. Also, ensure that your downspouts allow water to flow away from your home's foundation to prevent basement or foundation water damage. 
  • Remove snow that has piled up around your home. If you live in an area which is frequented by blizzards, snowstorms or heavy snow accumulation, it would be best to clear several feet of snow around your property to prevent flooding and seepage when the snow thaws.
  • Repair cracks and leaks. Inspect your foundation, windows, and doors for any sign of cracks or damage and repair them by sealing or caulking. Weatherstripping can also help secure your home.
  • Unclog drains. Like gutters and downspouts, drains must be maintained regularly to prevent clogging. This would allow the snowmelt to flow properly.
  • Maintain your sump pump. Sump pumps collect water when it floods or rains and allows it to safely drain away from the property, thereby preventing foundation or basement water damage. Before the thaw, ensure that your sump pump is in good working condition. Call a plumber to have it fixed if you find any damage.
Water damage can still happen even before the winter ends, so be on the alert and immediately take action to identify the source of the damage and seal any leak before calling a professional water damage restoration, repair and cleanup service provider. If the water damage is neglected, mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours, which could compromise your health and structure. Do not attempt to perform the job on your own; let the experts at ServiceMaster of Cobb handle it. 

Water Damage from Melting Snow?

Contact ServiceMaster of Cobb, Georgia's Leading Restoration Company

When it comes to restoring a water-damaged property, ServiceMaster Restore of Georgia and Tennessee has the experts for the job. Since 2003, we have been providing top-tier water extraction and removal services to both residential and commercial properties in Georgia and Tennessee. Our range of water damage restoration services include drying and dehumidificationdocument restorationsewer backup cleanup, and water damage reconstruction and repairs. We have licensed, certified, and fully bonded technicians who have the training and qualifications that could ensure that only the best industry methods and procedures are applied to provide solutions to the problem at hand, no matter the size of the damage.

Contact ServiceMaster of Cobb at (678) 264-3310 for Georgia customers, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration at (423) 220-4482 for Tennessee customers, and ServiceMaster Downtown Commercial at (678) 909-1078 for commercial cleaning services. Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day7 days a week to assist you immediately. You may also connect with us online to schedule an appointment or a free on-site inspection and estimate.
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