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Dangers of Removing Basement Water on Your Own
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In order to avoid costly basement water damage mitigation, here are some of the dangers of DIY cleanup and what to do with a flooded basement before the professionals arrive.
Storms and heavy rains, many of which occur during the hurricane season, often have negative effects to structures, one of which is basement flooding. Aside from natural calamities, burst pipes and overflows can also bring a substantial amount of water into the basement. Homeowners are aware that water damage must be removed promptly, which is why there is the option of extracting the water on their own before it causes more damages, health risks, and mold growth.

However, basement water removal could only be properly performed when the right tools and equipment are utilized, along with the necessary skill and experience. This is something most homeowners do not have, which is why there are professional water damage restoration companies out there, such as ServiceMaster by Lovejoy. In order to avoid costly damages from DIY basement water damage mitigation, here are some of the dangers of DIY cleanup and what to do with a flooded basement before the professionals arrive.

What to Do If Your Basement Floods

The effects of basement flooding can be lessened by a quick response on the part of the homeowner. Here's what to do before the professionals arrive:
  • Turn off all energy sources around the area, including electricity and gas. However, if you have to wade through standing water to do this, leave it to the professionals.
  • Floodwater may be contaminated with sewage and other pollutants, so do not enter it if possible. However, if you need to approach the basement, be sure to wear protective gear, such as waterproof boots and gloves to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals or substances that are present in the water.
  • Standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, so be such to contact your insurance provider to check the scope of your coverage. People who live in flood-prone areas should consider getting a separate policy for flood insurance.

Dangers of a Flooded Basement

Do-it-yourself projects often do more harm than good, including basement water removal. Water damage repair professionals, such as the team at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, know how to mitigate the damage correctly and return the area to pre-flood condition. The hazards below explain why it is unsafe to perform basement flooding on your own:
  • Unclean water. Floodwater in basements is often either greywater or blackwater, and both contain pollutants, harmful microorganisms, and other biohazards. Coming in contact with black water can cause serious illnesses. Experts have the equipment to extract it safely. 
  • Electric shock from submerged appliances or outlets. Standing water where sources of electrical energy are submerged may already be charged, which can cause electric shock or even death.
  • Rotting of structures. When structural elements, such as drywall and insulation, remain underwater for prolonged periods, they can weaken and threaten the structural integrity of the home. Professional structural drying can completely remove moisture and prevent further damages.
  • Wall buckling can happen when oversaturation and improper drainage cause pressure buildup in the surrounding soil. 

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Proactive steps to prevent basement flooding can save thousands of dollars in repairs.
  •  Perform routine inspection to discover basement or foundation cracks ahead of time and have them sealed.
  • Check the yard and create landscape changes if it isn't sloped away from the house, in order to prevent water from pooling around the property.
  • Keep your sump pump well-maintained.
  • Inspect drainage systems, gutters, and downspouts for clogging. Clear away accumulated debris to allow water to flow freely.
  • Have sewers and septic tanks cleaned to prevent back-ups or overflows.
  • Secure a separate policy for flood insurance.

Get Professional Basement Flooding Removal with Georgia's Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company

If you experience flooding in your basement, don't let a DIY job put your health and the well-being of your home at risk. Time is crucial when an important water event occurs in your property. The quicker a water-damaged house is taken care of by a professional water damage restoration company in Georgia such as ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, the less destruction is caused and the easier recovery process is.

Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Contact ServiceMaster by Lovejoy at 678-293-0297 for Conyers and 770-992-1575 for Roswell. We service AtlantaRoswellSandy SpringsDecaturStockbridgeConyersMcDonoughStone MountainCovingtonSocial Circle, and Dekalb County, Georgia and surrounding areas.
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