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The Six must-have angles in Product Photography
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The Six must-have angles in Product Photography
Are you an e-commerce merchant? If you are then, we can relate to the angle foes of a product’s snapshot.

Are you an e-commerce merchant? If you are then, we can relate to the angle foes of a product's snapshot. Getting the right angle matters wherein it drives the customer's decision to make a purchase. Angles can expose details of the brand's items so shoppers can see the particulars and comprehend their usefulness or quality.

Ether Arts offers the finest services in product photography in Chicago. They have a team of Amazon product photography experts who can set the right backdrop and more.

Significance of getting the right angle

Did you know that there are six must-have angles to focus on: front, profile, 45-degree, back, top, and macro?

The best product photography Chicago offers with Ether Arts is their proficiency in getting the angles right. 

Let's take a look at what these angles put into focus.

  1. The Front angle shows the main features of a product. It should show the details while looking attractive at the same time. A smartphone requires a front-angle shot.
  2. The Profile angle is taken from the side, and its usefulness depends on the item. A painting does not need a side angle, but a shoe does!
  3. The Back angle is relevant for products that have functions on the rear side-for instance, a snack item with the food label on the back.
  4. The 45-degree angle is also called the three-quarter angle, and it signifies the camera's position from the product. This shot is for shoes, jewelry, food photography, and more.
  5. The Top angle or birds-eye-view provides more context as the camera is placed directly above the product, like clicking an Xbox or speaker, etc. It helps the shopper gain better context about the look of the item.
  6. The Macro angle shot involves precision equipment to display the finer details of a product. A dress with detailed embroidery demands a macro shot.

Get these six angles right and watch those product inquiries come in every day.

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