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How Important Is White Background For Product Photography?
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Product photography has been increasing in popularity with many people depending on online services.

Product photography has been increasing in popularity with many people depending on online services. It is important to check the product that you are going to pay for. Since there is no way to touch and feel the articles that you wish to buy, it is essential to find an image that captures the details of the product perfectly. Most ecommerce sites including Amazon insist on white background product photography and are quick to reject ones that do not meet the criteria. It is natural to wonder at the supremacy of white backgrounds. No worries!


Here are a few pointers that will make you realize why learning to photograph products against a stark white or neutral background can be profitable.


Product becomes all important when you photograph it against a white background. The viewer would be able to see the features of the product clearly with absolutely no distractions that draws the eye. In fact, many photographers choose to capture a product from multiple angles so that the packaging and size becomes apparent. The colors stand out against white perfectly as well. The product therefore becomes the hero and the prospective customer is satisfied.


Ecommerce websites have to display hundreds of products simultaneously. It is natural for a buyer to search for specific ones that are displayed within a page. There has to be uniformity when you are viewing 10-20 items on a page. White background suits this need perfectly. You would be perplexed to find the items with different colored backgrounds otherwise and may decide to move away from the online store altogether. Consistency in product photography is what the major players look for. White provides them with the right solution.


If you are an entrepreneur on the verge of beginning an ecommerce outlet, you have to ensure that you have the right number of product images to display. Hiring a professional can be expensive though. Forget it and get a friend to help you out. Remember that product photography pricing can be varied with a simple click costing your hundreds of dollars. Do it yourself or rope your friends in if you have a tight budget to adhere too. White background can be photographed with the least amount of fuss. It can be as low as $10 per image. Besides, you can always edit the photo closely so that the ultimate image suits your requirement to a T.


You cannot negate the appeal of a stark white background when clicking photos of images though. They are simple to photograph and can be done by an amateur as well as a professional. It reveals the details of every product and helps a prospective buyer make the right decision. It is no wonder therefore that Amazon asks its photographers to use white background for all product images so that they can be sold without the customer being perplexed about the quality.


There is nothing boring about shooting a product with white background, however. Remember that the photographer does not have to unleash his creativity here. The action is simple; just focus and click!


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EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography. We offer great images at low prices. Also available are Volume Discounts on already lowered prices. Our services are recommended by many of our clients in various industries, like Jewelry, products, handbags, cosmetics, Industrial and many more. Let us help your business too!




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EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography.