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Expand Your Reach, Be Seen on Amazon
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Expand Your Reach, Be Seen on Amazon
The e-commerce marketplace is majorly dominated by Amazon all over the world.

The e-commerce marketplace is majorly dominated by Amazon all over the world. With more than 75.1 million products up for sale on Amazon and over 1 million registered sellers, standing out from the crowd calls for some extra efforts. To get your product(s) noticed in the swarm of other products available for sale on Amazon, you have to make sure they catch the customers’ eye, for which your product images have to be visually appealing. This is only going to be possible through the use of high-quality product images. To allure customers into making a purchase, professional Amazon product photography skills come in handy. Let us delve into the nuances of Amazon product photography.


Tips for clicking amazing product pictures for Amazon

If you are a seller on Amazon and would like to boost the sale of your product(s), try incorporating the following five elements in the product photographs you click for display on Amazon.

1.      Capitalize on white background - The background against which a product is photographed can either make the customer feel pleasant or distract his attention from the product. With the background playing a key role in projecting the product as either appealing or ordinary to the customer, it is always advised to have a plain, white background. While on one hand, a simple white background minimizes any distractions, on the other hand, it also helps put the entire focus on the product.

2.      A tripod is a must - When clicking pictures holding the camera in our hands, quite often the camera shakes, resulting in distorted or blurred photos. To not have even the slightest distortion in your product photos, always use a good-quality tripod. Alternatively, you could also provide a steady surface beneath your camera by using a prop such as a book to place your camera on.

3.      Set the lighting right - Dimly lit surroundings or extremely bright light can make it difficult to capture all the details of your product. Hence, it is imperative to have just the right amount of illumination so that your product may look as natural as possible.

4.      Product in action - Product photos wherein the product is shown while being used are called lifestyle images. Such photos are very useful in eCommerce since they give the customer a fair idea of how the product works or is to be used.

5.      Take multiple photos and add infographics - Click photos of your product from different angles and also have some infographics added to your product images. Infographics or instructional content helps the customer understand your product better.


Professional product photography services in the USA

If you are an online seller and would like to have your products photographed professionally, the best bet would be to seek the services of a seasoned photography firm in the US. For all online sellers and retailers looking for professional eCommerce photography service, Houston is the go-to destination in America. Providing various businesses in the USA with the best eCommerce photography service, Houston-based photography firms have always helped them stand apart on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms.

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