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How to sell Reflective Glassware Products on Amazon
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For those who sell glassware and want to expand their customer base, here’s an inexpensive way.

For those who sell glassware and want to expand their customer base, here’s an inexpensive way. Use Amazon or any other e-commerce platform to market your brand glassware products.


Here’s what you do; hire a professional Amazon photographer to click your products. An experienced professional photographer is fully aware of the guidelines set out by the likes of Amazon platforms. You can rest assured that your products will get that much-needed customer-grabbing image appeal.



Glass products are highly reflective


An Amazon photographer knows how to navigate their camera work when it comes to glassware products. Their highly reflective product photography skills are a boon to the glassware industry like wine glasses, plates, chandeliers, and more.


Reflective product photography is an art and ability that allows brands to showcase their product in the best light.


They recommend a few glass photography tips:


• Use backlight to prevent problematic reflections.

• Use softboxes on the side to prevent flattening of the glass items caused due to backlighting.

• Use a black background to highlight the glass edges, giving an elegant and classic look.

• Use a frosting look to eliminate reflections. If your products are meant for serving cold beverages, this kind of lifestyle photography can also help.

• Use different angles to get a unique perspective of the glass product, enhance the composition, and help manage light reflections.


Atlanta-based Ether Arts studio is a professional photography studio that has a team of experts. They have multiple years of experience and strong skills with Amazon photography and highly reflective surfaces. Need help with visual experience while selling your glassware products? Reach out to these professionals.

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