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Get the best professional product photos today
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Get the best professional product photos today
In a world where our eyes are scanning new information, often words are too long to read. Yes, we’re talking about product descriptions. That’s the second thing that customers look at.

In a world where our eyes are scanning new information, often words are too long to read. Yes, we’re talking about product descriptions. That’s the second thing that customers look at. The first thing is how your product looks. If you’re based out of Los Angeles, hiring a firm specializing in Product Photography in LA can drive your business to success. Read on to know how a firm can influence your customers!

So what’s the benefit of hiring a photography firm?

Accurate representation of products

Product photos look pretty easy to click right? You’ll just need a white background and a good camera. Well, we wish that was it, but it’s not. A Weebly research showed that 22 % of online returns are because a product looks very different from what was displayed.(

Thus, accurate representation is a key to keeping customers for your business. Website product photography services help you to do exactly this. They ensure your photos look as close to the real thing as possible.

Photo Criteria

But that's not all. Google recommended that product photos need to meet specific criteria to be effective. For instance, back-views and close-ups are to be used for additional images and not the main one. On top of this, a product should never take up less than 75% of the space in the frame. It also should not take up more than 90% space.(

Confusing isn’t it? This is why we recommend you hire a firm for professional product photography in LA. They are equipped with adequate gear and know the requirements for appropriate pictures.


However, the final factor you might want to consider is the number of photos that you post. A Shopify study showed that 33.16 % of customers want to see multiple product photos, and about 60 % prefer a 360-degree view.


Have you wondered why? The answer is simple consistency. Customers want to know that your product looks like the first image they see. This is why multiple shots help them gain trust in your brand.

How’s all of this relevant to your business?

Pictures speak louder than words, and in today's digital environment, all the more so. Photos have a lot to do with how your brand is perceived. Good professional pictures make your brand look valued, quality-oriented, diverse, and innovative. It promotes quick influence and catches consumer attention quickly. Photos can create an image of your brand in front of the customers helping your business to stand out. We recommend hiring a firm offering the best website product photography services. If you’re based out of LA being good isn’t enough, you’ve to be the best.

You can find a good firm online easily. The best firm will offer small picture sizes to ensure that images don't take too long to load up. You can follow this link to get high-quality services at affordable rates. Go online and give your business the boost that it deserves today!

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