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Tornado Warning Signs in Savannah, Georgia
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Tornado Warning Signs in Savannah, Georgia
Learn about tornado warning signs in Georgia. For Savannah water and mold remediation service, call ServiceMaster at (912) 244-6966. Insurance preferred.

Natural disasters happen in an instant, but there are often signals that something is about to occur. For instance, there are a variety of signs that signal an incoming tornado. Knowledge about these warning signs are crucial, as they mean the difference between life and death.

Whether you are in an area prone to tornadoes or not, read these warning signs to avoid danger and keep your family safe. ServiceMaster of Savannah has compiled them for you.

Sign No. 1: Dark, Green Sky

  • A green-tinted sky or dark clouds on the horizon could be a sign of an approaching tornado. 
  • This green sky effect happens when a thick cloud composed of ice particles and water droplets meet with a setting sun. 
  • Green skies and dark clouds, however, do not guarantee the development of tornadoes, but severe weather, such as hail, heavy rain and tornadoes, is possible. It's best to stay alert if these signs are observed.

Sign No. 2: Funnelshaped Cloud

  • The most obvious sign of an incoming tornado is the appearance of a funnel cloud; however, they are not considered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to be the same. 
  • A funnel cloud is defines as a column of air that rotates and extends from the base of a parent cloud. 
  • It is only considered as a tornado once it touches the ground or if it has a cloud of debris or a whirl of dust beneath it. 
  • However, seek shelter immediately if a funnel cloud is observed, as it is a strong sign of tornado formation.

Sign No. 3: Approaching Cloud of Debris

  • A debris cloud is formed by a funnel cloud that touches the ground and begins to collect dust and loose objects. 
  • These debris could become projectiles and damage property and human life.
  • Residents in a tornado-prone area must store loose items in yards or gardens when not in use. 
  • Doing the storage only when the debris cloud approaches is not safe and places you at risk of being harmed. 

Sign No. 4: Loud Sounds Similar to a Freight Train

  • It has been observed that tornadoes make loud noises similar to a freight train, a rushing waterfall or stampeding bulls.
  • This loud noise can occur during the day or night and doesn't immediately fade, unlike thunder.
  • Take action immediately once a freight-train noise is observed on a stormy day, especially when not living in an area near train tracks. 
  • Loud noises may indicate that a tornado is coming at night, but it is recommended to rely on information from your local weather station and other trusted sources to know when the best time is to take shelter, as not all tornadoes create this sound. The level of sound will depend on the size and intensity of the tornado.

How to Stay Safe in the Event of a Tornado

  • It's important to know what to do when any of these indicators are observed. Create a preparedness plan and discuss it with your family beforehand. ServiceMaster Restore recommends to: 
  1. Know your risk;
  2. Assemble or update your emergency kit;
  3. Sign up for local alerts;
  4. Create a communication plan;
  5. Plan with your neighbors;
  6. Considering learning first aid;
  7. Practice your plan;
  8. Prepare your home;
  9. Document and insure your property; and
  10. Safeguard your documents.

Water Damage? Make an Appointment Today.

While major property damage is often caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes, minor day-to-day problems such as leaks and appliance failure can also cause damages to your residence or commercial property.

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