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Residential Appliance Leak Cleanup Service in Savannah, Georgia
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Residential Appliance Leak Cleanup Service in Savannah, Georgia
Contact ServiceMaster of Savannah at 912-244-6966 for appliance leak cleanup service in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas. 24/7 available
We Dry Out and Repair Your Home Fast

Extensive damage can result from a leaking appliance, which is why it is important to hire a trusted professional that can immediately attend to the situation right away. ServiceMaster of Savannah is a trusted property damage restoration company providing a wide range of water damage restoration services for residential properties in Savannah, Georgia. When your water heater or any other appliance breaks and causes a water leak, our technicians are ready to have your structure dried out and your property returned to its pre-loss state.
Contact ServiceMaster of Savannah at (912) 244-6966 for water damage restoration and cleanup service or message us online to schedule an appointment.

Why Water Heaters Fail

Water heaters are among the household appliances that work the toughest, as they continuously hold and transfer water. Here are some reasons why water heaters fail.
  • The tank liner and heater elements are corroded by deposits that accumulate on the bottom of the tank.
  • The unexpected failure of a corroded tank bottom will create a flood, with water already in the tank in addition to the continuously fed cold-water supply.
  • Without prompt action, this water will continue to flood your home.

Signs of water heater failure include:
  • Accumulated water beneath the heater
  • A whistling or hissing sound
  • A chronic shortage of hot water

Tips to Prevent Damage from Water Heater Failure

  • Regular water heater inspection
  • Catch pan installation, with a drain connected to a sump pump, waste line, or any other means of allowing water to flow out of your home
  • Easy access to the controls mounted on the water heater and identification of the automatic shut off valve before an emergency
  • Water alarm installation 
  • Getting a tankless water heater
  • Insulation blanket installation around the tank to reduce energy costs and extreme temperature changes that contribute to tank wear

Don't Know What to Do Next? We Do.

Contact ServiceMaster of Savannah at (912) 244-6966 or connect with us online to schedule an appointment for your water damage emergency in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas. Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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