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Professional photography has given birth to Entero – the reflection eliminator
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Erik Espinosa, a professional photographer, has created a reflection box called Entero.

Erik Espinosa, a professional photographer, has created a reflection box called Entero. He invented the reflection box out of his frustration with shiny objects like steel utensils, flasks, miniature dolls, sunglasses, etc. “Clicking these objects were a challenging as I had to make sure my reflection did not reflect from the object.”, Espinosa said, “and even then, intense editing was required after clicking the photos.” 


How does Entero work in reflective product photography?


Professional product photography demands images photographed to be precise and ready to use. However, what happens during reflective product photography stays in the cameraman’s mind forever. There are numerous challenges involved when clicking reflective products.


A few challenges faced are:

  • Photographer’s image appears in the reflection 
  • The shiny object reflects light in the wrong direction
  • The product does not display clearly in the photograph clicked
  • Hard fresnels set up in the photo studio create glaring hot spots on reflective surfaces


Entero eliminates the use of dulling sprays that are applied to gleaming objects to enhance dullness. ‘Entero’ means “whole,” and it is made up of a box. The box contains the lighting and a domed two-way mirror designed for flexibly covering the product placed in the box. 


A diffused base is present inside the box where the product has to be placed. Once the product is placed on this base, the dome is closed, eliminating unwanted reflections.

The dome can be moved vertically and horizontally, depending on the product’s placement.


Many professional product photography studios stand to benefit from this genius invention. A lot of time can be saved to set up elaborate sets and image editing if this product enters the market.





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