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Causes, Categories, and Classes of Water Damage
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Not all water damages are created equal. Learn more about the causes, categories, and classes of water damage in this article by ServiceMaster of Cobb.
Water damage restoration is something that many of us may need without realizing it. The common mistake here is to assume that you don’t need water damage restoration in Georgia until things get dramatic – until you have water bursting forth from a pipe or flood water slowly rising in your home.

In these cases, you might be tempted to panic and to try and call a water damage restoration company just as soon as you’ve managed to stop the influx of water and the other causes of water damage.

Though, this is commonly not what water damage will look like. More often, you’ll find that water damage takes the form of a more gradual deterioration caused by a leak or some kind of standing water. It might cause sanitation issues, it’s not very energy-efficient, and it can lead to moldstructural issues, and all manner of other problems and other causes of water damage.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Company 
When water is on the move, time is critical. ServiceMaster of Cobb recognizes the shock and emotional disruption that most people suffer in these situations. Our goal is to help homeowners & business owners overcome their feelings of helplessness by clarifying what is happening, explaining our process, and giving unlimited support.

We offer water damage restoration services, such as: 
What Are The Common Causes Of Water Damage? 
  • Pipes in the loft – broken or frozen;
  • Blocked guttering;
  • Storage tanks – leaky or over-flowing;
  • Badly fitted bathroom tiles;
  • Broken or poor-fitting shower screens and curtains;
  • Shower trays – broken or badly fitted;
  • Baths – poorly plumbed in or unattended;
  • Poorly maintained sealant around bath and shower;
  • Poorly maintained or open chimneys;
  • Flashing around chimney – damaged or poorly installed;
  • Roof tiles – missing or broken;
  • Poorly installed or broken windows;
  • Defrosted fridges and ice machines;
  • Damp proof course – failed or missing;
  • Insufficient or low-lying air bricks;
  • Damp proof course – bridged;
  • Old corroded pipework;
  • DIY nailing into pipes;
  • Leaking radiators;
  • Corroded ball valves in toilet cisterns;
  • Blocked sewers and sewage backflow;
  • Unattended or blocked sinks;
  • Appliances – faulty or corroded;
  • Storm drain overflow;
  • Drainage – poor or insufficient (around foundations);
  • External flooding;
  • Insufficient threshold on external doors;
  • Poorly maintained boilers;
  • Hot water cylinders – poorly maintained;
  • Broken aquariums.

Dangers Of Not Treating The Source Of  Water Damage 

It is important that property owners are able to pick out possible water damage as early as possible and to find experienced professionals to accurately find the source of the water damage if it isn’t obvious.

There are health risks linked to water damage that one should be aware of. A common health risk is seen (or unseen) mold. A build-up of this can cause symptoms such as: 
  • Coughing
  • Fatigue 
  • Skin rashes

Categories and Classes of  Water Damage

Categories of Water Damage

Assessing the severity of the damage is important for determining what is needed to start water damage repair and water removal.

  • Category 1 
    • Clean water, or water that does not pose a threat to humans. Possible causes of this type of damage include broken appliances or sink overflows.
  • Category 2 
    • Gray water. This means that the water is contaminated and may cause sickness if ingested. This type of water contains microorganisms. Broken toilets, broken sump pumps, and seepage may cause Category 2 water damage.
  • Category 3 
    • Black water. This type of water is unsanitary, as it contains bacteria and other organisms that cause sickness. The possible sources of black water damage include sewage problems and contamination of standing water.

Classes of Water Damage

The class of damage is important when assessing water damage repair options.
  • Class 1 
    • The least harmful form of damage. Materials absorb very little of the water from this type of damage. Water damage repair is the easiest in this type of situation.
  • Class 2 
    • It has a fast rate of evaporation, which means that carpets and cushions may be damaged. Water damage repair is more difficult when it involves Class 2 damage.
  • Class 3 
    • It has the fastest rate of evaporation. In this case, the water may come from broken sprinklers or other overhead sources, soaking the walls and furniture.
  • Class 4 
    • It requires special water restoration and water removal procedures. This type of damage may affect hardwood floors, plaster, and concrete.

ServiceMaster of Cobb and Water Damage Categories

Our team at ServiceMaster of Cobb is certified by the IICRC to handle your water damage regardless of its category. Our goal is not just to dry the damage; it’s to make sure that you can occupy an environment without facing ill health effects. If you have water damagecall ServiceMaster of Cobb today!
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