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Increased Conversions with The Right Product Photos
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Increased Conversions with The Right Product Photos
The e-commerce business model might surely be relatively new but the horizons of its expanse are absolutely unimaginable.

The e-commerce business model might surely be relatively new but the horizons of its expanse are absolutely unimaginable. For instance, consider one of the most fundamental elements of e-commerce, i.e., website product photography. There are over 15 types of website product photography. Incredible, isn’t it? Of all these 15 types, one of the most important is lifestyle product photography. So, let us dive into the details of this photography type and learn about its nuances.


All about lifestyle photography

When a photograph depicts a product while being used, it is known as lifestyle product photography. This photography type helps customers visualize how they would use the product in their lives. This makes the products more relatable to the customers and they would want to hold them in their hands. Here are some professional tips on how to come up with stunning product photographs, in case you’re not up for availing the website product photography services of a professional product photographer.

·         Using a high-end camera - To come up with crystal clear photographs that do not look fuzzy on extensive displays, always use a camera with high resolution. Besides, it should also have the option to set the exposure control. This will let you modify the lighting according to your needs.

·         Props - Although many photographers are divided on this, mindfully chosen additional props often help represent the product in a more appealing way to customers. All that you should keep in mind is that the props should not be invasive and must harmoniously complement the product.

·         Flatlay top view - Tabletop photography, which entails capturing shots directly from above the product, is a popular type of product photography. With the help of carefully selected props placed around the product, flatlay tabletop photography helps weave a story around the product.

·         Lighting - Proper illumination is one of the key aspects of capturing stunning photographs. Whether you are using natural or artificial light while capturing your product photos, always try to avoid direct light falling on the product. While capturing in sunlight, use something that disperses the light.

·         A clear focus on the product - One of the mistakes amateur photographers make while capturing product photographs that have a lot of props is the cluttering of the camera focus. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the customer to figure out which is the product being advertised. Therefore, always keep the camera focused on the product intended to be advertised.


Availing of professional photography services

Many digital marketing and photography firms offer a host of website product photography services nowadays. However, it is always prudent to opt for the services of a firm which has a team of seasoned photography experts. A photography professional with a knack for website product photography will not just capture great shots of your products; he will instead vivify your products and bring them to life on digital screens. This is the key to achieving higher conversions with the right use of product photography techniques.

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