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Product Photography; Create A Lasting Impression on Buyers
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Product Photography; Create A Lasting Impression on Buyers
An e-commerce website is the digital face of a business wherein the products are showcased in the form of photographs.

An e-commerce website is the digital face of a business wherein the products are showcased in the form of photographs. Needless to say, the quality of the product photographs plays a crucial role in presenting the brand in a positive light to the customers. The customer bases his purchase decision solely on the product photographs, implying that professionally shot, good-quality product photographs can boost conversion rates. For accomplishing this, the white background product photography technique is the best bet. Before delving into the details of white background product photos, let us develop a fair perspective on product photography.


Types of product photography in vogue

Product photography mainly has two types:

1.      Lifestyle photography - Such photographs offer customers a glimpse of the kind of lifestyle the product would provide them with, i.e., in these photographs, the product is shown while in use. It is also known as in-context photography.

2.      Product-only images - In contrast to lifestyle product photos, product-only images feature only the product with the background completely clean and white.

Since the focal point of the current article is white background product photography, we shall limit our discussion to product-only photos and try to establish why using a white background in product-only images is the best strategy.


Ways to click white background photos

A white background for your product photographs may be set physically, for which you are going to need a few props that include a white background (a pure white towel or cloth or something similar), a tripod, a reflector, studio lights, etc. All you need to do to achieve a perfect white background for your photograph is to hang the white towel or cloth on a wall and place a table in front of it. Keep the product on a white base on top of the table. The studio light, preferably placed under the table and completely hidden from the camera view, should focus on and illuminate the white background.

However, there are times when it is not possible to have a white background set physically. For such instances, one may make use of quality post-production software such as Adobe Photoshop to create flawless white backgrounds.


White background and its benefits

Capturing your product against a white background is the most effective way to have the customers’ focus completely on the product without any distractions whatsoever. The benefits associated with the use of white background for capturing product photographs include the following-

1.      White background product photos look absolutely professional.

2.      A pure white background catches the customers’ eye easily.

3.      It puts the entire focus on the product.

4.      Instead of using different background colours and styles for different products, using a common white background in all your product photographs lends an element of consistency to your products, which, in turn, contributes to building customers’ trust in your brand.



Product photography is integral to successfully running an e-commerce business. With the growth of your e-commerce store, the number of products you’re offering will also increase. This would make product photography feel like a full-time job. That’s when you should look forward to hiring the best product photographer who can shoot products on a white background.

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