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Which Tripod and Backdrop are suitable for your Brand’s Products?
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Which Tripod and Backdrop are suitable for your Brand’s Products?
Wait right there; don’t do it yourself! Reflective product photography requires a skilled set of eyes, a tripod stand, and the right backdrop.

Wait right there; don't do it yourself! Reflective product photography requires a skilled set of eyes, a tripod stand, and the right backdrop. Yes, you need more, but here's what we're going to do; actually, Ether Arts is!

Ether Arts, Chicago's up-and-coming photography studio, has a few tips to share about camera equipment when it comes to reflective product photography. They've provided their clients some terrific information about backdrop issues that only professionals can fix. But, what about the equipment you require to make a product look amazing?

Tripods and backdrops are game-changers

Yes, tripods and backdrops are not the only ingredients to successful photography. However, today's elements that make or break the lighting of an image are - tripods and backdrops.

Tripod options:

  • Studio tripods: Professionals use this tripod for getting maximum stability and image sharpness. These require specialized heads and are used with medium and large format cameras.
  • Universal mobile phone adapter: You can use this adapter for your digital or video camera. You also get a smartphone clamp with some adapters.
  • Medium-duty tripod: If you're shooting lighter items on a larger display, like performance arts, use the medium-duty tripod.
  • Travel tripod: This one offers flexible portability when traveling to any location and can support your digital camera's weight.
  • Pocket tripod: A great, adjustable head-pocket tripod for lifestyle photoshoots. They're pocket user-friendly because some photoshoot projects turn up unplanned.

Backdrop options:

  • Canvas: This material is tough, long-lasting, and easy on your pockets. But, it's prone to wrinkling and is not suitable for photoshoots.
  • Green screen: Professional photographers use the green screen backdrop as they are non-reflective.
  • Muslin: The muslin backdrop has superior durability and resists tearing. It offers a soft white, clear, and uncluttered background.
  • Seamless paper: The seamless paper provides large, smooth, non-reflecting surfaces the perfect setting and medium for efficient lighting effects.

The touch of a professional is an investment for your business. Make sure to get a suitable product photography service, so consumers love your brand.

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