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Tips to Prevent Mold on Your Home's Siding
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Mold can grow on your home's siding, so it is proactive to prevent it. Learn more in this article by ServiceMaster by LoveJoy.
Mold is a fungus that usually thrives in damp and dark interior spaces, but it can also grow on your home's exterior siding as well. Several kinds of siding, including low-maintenance vinyl, can be affected by excessive humidity and moisture which are likely to attract mold growth. Mold damage is a serious issue and needs immediate remediation, which could be performed by an expert general contractor like ServiceMaster by LoveJoy of Georgia. 

To prevent mold from appearing on your home's siding, learn about what causes mold growth on vinyl siding and other materials and learn how to reduce the threat of mold infestation on your home's exterior in this article.

What Causes Mold Growth on Siding?

  • Rainwater and other types of moisture are allowed to run off your home's exterior walls through the siding. However, even if a siding is proven to be durable, it may still be susceptible to mold growth under certain conditions. The moisture content on and under the siding may be increased by continual contact with water, such as from rain or a lawn sprinkler, and increase the possibility of mold growth. Since mold has a tendency to grow in warm and humid conditions, these could act as catalysts for a probable mold outbreak in your home or building. 
  • Mold also likes to grow in dark areas, and since these areas tend to be the slowest to dry out, the moisture levels could remain high and further encourage the growth of mold. Check the shadier areas of your home for mold, and immediately call a mold removal company to get rid of it. 

Vinyl Siding Mold Removal and Prevention

Preventing mold on your siding begins by monitoring and reducing the elements that encourage mold growth in the first place.
  • Keep siding clean. Clean off dirt and grime to allow siding to dry faster and repel water in a better way. You can clean different types of siding, including vinyl, using a garden hose or pressure washer, and always spray downward or straight ahead to prevent water from getting underneath the panels. Cleaning solutions may be used to scrub off tough spots.
  • Check vegetation. Remove trees and shrubs from your siding, as they can cause water transfer from vegetation to your exterior walls. Trim trees and shrubs regularly to lessen the shadier areas around your home.
  • Reduce moisture. Keep lawn sprinklers directed away from your home to prevent unnecessary moisture from hitting your siding. Clear gutters of leaves and other foreign materials to allow water to flow freely and prevent clogging or leaking, which may develop moisture in your siding.

Mold Remediation Service?

Contact ServiceMaster by LoveJoy, Georgia's Trusted Mold Removal Company
When it comes to professional mold remediation services in Southwest Florida, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy is the company to call. We have been servicing commercial and residential property owners in Georgia for over 30 years, providing a wide range of professional damage restoration and cleaning services. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy has an expert team of restoration specialists and technicians trained under strict industry standards and the latest methods and practices to provide the best results and approach to mold remediation, using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and solutions. We are an IICRC-certified firm and are also a Preferred Vendor for insurance companies in Florida. We will assist policyholders in navigating the uncertainty after a mold damage incident.

Experience our services by calling us today. Contact ServiceMaster by LoveJoy at (678) 293-0297 for Conyers clients and (770) 983-6665 for Roswell clients, or connect with us online to schedule an appointment. We are servicing clients in AtlantaRoswell Sandy Springs, Marietta, DecaturStockbridgeConyersMcDonoughStone MountainCovingtonSocial CircleDekalb County, Fulton County, Georgia and surrounding areas.
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