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Sports Injury Specialist in Augusta GA

If you would like to find out how a chiropractor in Augusta GA that specializes in treating sports injuries may be beneficial for you, you can schedule a consultation at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic

Sports Injury Specialist in Augusta GA

Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports or exercising. Some are from accidents. Others can result from poor training practices or improper gear. Some people get injured when they are not in proper condition. Not warming up or stretching enough before you play or exercise can also lead to injuries. The most common sports injuries are:

There are two kinds of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Acute injuries occur suddenly when playing or exercising. Sprained ankles, strained backs, and fractured hands are acute injuries. Signs of an acute injury include:

  • Sudden, severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Not being able to place weight on a leg, knee, ankle, or foot
  • An arm, elbow, wrist, hand, or finger that is very tender
  • Not being able to move a joint as normal
  • Extreme leg or arm weakness

Chronic injuries happen after you play a sport or exercise for a long time. Signs of a chronic injury include:

  • Pain when you play
  • Pain when you exercise
  • A dull ache when you rest
  • Swelling.

Many amateur and professional athletes are sidelined with injuries that could be avoided. Others sit it out on the bench because their injury does not respond to ordinary treatment. Still, others are playing, but at less than peak efficiency, simply because their structural system is not balance. Progressive coaches, athletes, and doctors are realizing that pain killing drugs are not the answer. They merely cover up the symptoms, deceiving the athlete into actions which could make the injury more serious and longer lasting. 

Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or a non-athlete you can benefit from seeing a sports doctor.  As an athlete you will recover faster from injury, have access to a wider range of treatment tools, receive expert guidance in prevention strategies and athletic training, and receive an individualized treatment plan that will be integrated with your training.  As a non-athlete you will be able to take advantage of the latest treatment methods, receive a faster evaluation of injury or pain source, recover with a reduced treatment duration, and receive rehabilitation for quicker recovery and reduced recurrence of injury.  Regardless of your athletic ability you deserve to be treated with customized care.

If you would like to find out how a chiropractor in Augusta GA and chiropractor in Evans GA that specializes in treating athletes and sports injuries may be beneficial for you, you can schedule a complimentary consultation at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic.

Many of our patients are referred by their medical doctors as well as physical therapists and personal trainers, and these patients are then able to resolve their sports injury through our injury-specific treatments, without the use of prescription medication or undergoing surgery.  Additionally, we can provide recommendations on safe strength training and conditioning exercises.

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As experienced chiropractors in Augusta GA that specialize in various types of sports injuries, Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic is here to serve you with customized treatments.
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