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Trigger Point Therapy in Augusta GA

As specialized Chiropractors in Augusta GA, Dr. Mark Huntsman has found to be the most effective way to treat is to not only address the muscle itself, but also the bone.

Trigger Point Therapy in Augusta GA

Muscles account for more than 60% of the human body mass, making up the largest part of our bodies. They are responsible for all movement of the human body. With such an enormous responsibility, it is easy to see how muscles can be subjected to wear and tear, fatigue, overuse, and repetitive injury. When we want to move or use our muscles, the muscle contracts, and this is typically a voluntary action. However, sometimes the entire muscle contracts involuntarily, which we call a spasm.


Muscles are also subject to another condition, known as a Trigger Point, which is essentially an involuntary contraction of only a small portion of the muscle, creating pain and dysfunction within the muscle. One of the reasons that prescription muscle relaxants are ineffective on Trigger Points is that the medication would have to be strong enough to stop all involuntary muscle incredibly important involuntary muscle—your heart—might not agree with this! 


Trigger Points have been studied and shown to be the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain. Pain clinic doctors have found that Trigger Points are the main source of pain nearly 75% of the time! Trigger Points cause the muscle to tight, which weakens the muscle and puts stress on the points where the muscle attach to the bones as well. This often leads to pain in nearby joints. 


You might not ever discover what sets off a trigger point. It can be anything. And it is usually the simplest of actions that can fire them up. I hear it all the time from clients, ‘I don’t know what happened, I just turned and then I had pain!’ ‘I was bending over to tie my shoe and fell to the ground.’ 


Regardless of what causes the trigger point, there are very effective treatments to help alleviate them.  As specialized Chiropractors in Augusta GADr. Mark Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic has found to be the most effective way to treat is to not only address the muscle itself, but also the bone to which the muscle attaches.


You can either call or set up a complimentary consultation online for a chiropractor in Evans GA and chiropractor in Augusta GA that can customize your treatments.


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